Question: Doesn't it take millions of years for fossils to form?

Answer: Contrary to the accepted and most taught view, rapid fossilization can take place. A number of laboratory experminents have shown that fossils can be created rapidily given the right conditions, conditions that would have easily and plentifully been available during the flood of Noah's day. Even today there are occurances where natural rapid fossilization can take place. Anywhere there is water saturated clay and sand (silica or calcium work very well!), combined with pressure or heat, organic material could be fossilized.

One example comes from the church Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy. The chapel of Santa Maria of Health was built in 1631 to celebrate the end of The Plague. Because Venice is built on water-saturated clay and sand, the chapel was constructed on 180,000 wooden pilings to reinforce its foundations. Even though the chapel is a massive stone block structure, it has remained firm since its construction. How have the wooden pilings lasted in water for over 370 years? They have petrified! The chapel now rests on 'stone' or fossilized pilings! (Reported on a segment of 'Burke's Backyard', Channel 9 TV, Sydney, Australia, June 1995)