Question: I thought God loved everyone and one of my friends seems to think that He hates some people because of Romans 9:13. I always thought He loved everyone since God is LOVE.

Answer: Yes, God is love (1 John 4:8-9,16). And Jesus, in the same way as he has commanded us to love our enemies, loves His enemies. (See Matthew 5:43-45, also Luke 6:27-35). God shows his love through the physical provision of good things; even for the unsaved. Yet in regards to God's salvation, his special love is displayed to His elect. In ancient times, in regards to Israel, He chose Abraham, then Isaac, then Jacob, for his salvation -- to be his chosen people -- rejecting Ishmael and Esau for example. In regards to salvation Esau was hated, while Jacob was loved -- for God's purposes and by God's choice. The nation of Israel was chosen for God's purposes, loved with a special love, yet only a remnant within were to be saved (See Deuteronomy 10:15; Isaiah 65:1,9; & Romans 9:27). Even while we were enemies of God, he died for us (Romans 5:8-10). If love means that God can judge, or condemn, no one (and we all deserve this because of sin), then love would say that God has to save everyone. This is not so. Following immediately after John 3:16 & 17, is verse 18, "Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son." All who will not believe are like Esau, condemned already.

So, in summary, God is love and God displays his love for all through his provision and goodness. Yet, God, who is also a Holy God, will (and has condemned) all who will not believe. Love cannot excuse sin and God did not HAVE to save anyone. God hates all who are in sin (Especially see Psalms 5:5, 11:5; Jeremiah 12:8). Yet, God's unique love paid the penalty for sin, to redeemed a people of His very own (see 2 Samuel 7:23, 1 Chronicles 7:21, Titus 2:13-14). Our sin has been covered by Jesus' shed blood.