What Does The   Represent?

This symbol is called "ICHTHUS" which means "fish" in Greek. The text inside it is a Greek acronymn for the phrase Jesus Christ,  Son of God, Savior.

The fish is an ancient Christian symbol known from the 1st century catacombs in Rome. The first written reference to a fish as a Christian symbol is from Clement of Alexandria (born c. 150) in Paedogogus, III, xi. During times of persecution, early Christians would scratch a fish symbol on the ground as a means to distinguish friend from foe. A believer would draw half of the fish in the dirt and another would complete the drawing in order to communicate their shared faith.

The symbol itself may have come from the miraculous story of the loaves and fishes (John 6:1-13) or from the meal of fish Jesus shared with His disciples at the Sea of Galilee after the Resurrection (John 21:1-13). Some prefer the idea that it came from the story of the coin found by Simon Peter in the mouth of a fish (Matthew 17:24-27). This story is seen by them as a metaphor for the free gift of salvation given to us by Jesus through his atoning death.






Jesus is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua which means "The Lord saves" .

Christ is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word Messiah. Jesus was the Christ, or the Messiah, promised to Israel and to the world.

Jesus is God

Jesus is also the Son of God

Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world 

Matthew 1:20-21

Matthew 16:13-20

John 1:1-4

John 1:32-34

Romans 10:9-10