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If you want to learn more about spiritual gifts, without first taking the test, use the links below. We strongly recommend you take the test first and then click the link at the bottom of the page.

Purpose of gifts and generally how to determine what yours is.

List of gifts as defined in the Bible and traditionally recognized by the church.

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LTM Spiritual Gifts Test

This spiritual gifts test, or evaluation, is a good exercise in helping you to understand what your Spirit given gifts may be. The reason the word "may" is used here will be discussed in the section following the test results, as well as the Scriptural basis for this subject. In fact, if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, the results of this test are meaningless as you do not have the Holy Spirit and are subsequently relying on yourself for anything you do.

From experience, we have found that tests with a greater number of statements tend to form a better evaluation. For that reason this one is comprised of 244. While it is called a "test" there are no right or wrong answers. Your responses are exactly that -- your responses.

For each statement indicate whether you Strongly Agree, Partially Agree, are Undecided, Disagree Somewhat, or Mostly or Completely Disagree. To select your response, simply click on the corresponding circle. To change your answer just click on another response. You must respond to every statement or the test will not be accurate. Your completed responses will be compiled as specific results in the next section.
Be careful to choose your answer based on what you really sense to be your desires, interests, or abilities and not what you "have to do" or what you "should do." The best way is to not spend a lot of time thinking about the question. Your "gut" response is likely the correct one.

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