Question: Who wrote the Bible?

Answer: The Bible was written by over 40 authors. These men lived or wrote from a total of three different continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. Some of the books were written from prison, while traveling, on an island, in captivity (as a nation), even in a wilderness. These people did not all live at the same time. In fact, they lived over an almost 1600 year period. Many assume that they were all religious workers (such as a pastor). While some where rabbinical scholars or priests, many more were unlikely candidates by human standards. God used individuals from many walks of life. A few examples: Moses, Egyptian political leader; Peter, fisherman, Amos, herdsman; Joshua, military general; Nehemiah, king's cup bearer; Daniel, prime minister; Luke, a physician; Solomon, king; Matthew, tax collector; Paul, tentmaker and trained rabbi.

What's important to note, is that all these people wrote about the same thing without any contradictions! It's unity would be an impossible feat if this book was solely of human origin.

The Bible is, by far, the all-time best selling Book in human history throughout the world. As well, the Bible has been translated into more different languages than any other book. Even during times of intense persecution, when governments and others have attempted to keep people from the Bible, it still continues to be read.

As for the accuracy of our modern Bibles, the manuscript evidence is overwhelming. There are more ancient manuscripts (handwritten!) showing the clear transmission of the Bible's text from history to the present than any other writing.

The Bible is truly a book of books. Sixty-six smaller books make up it's parts. The Old Testament (the last book here was written about 400 years before the birth of Jesus Christ) contains 39 books, The New Testament (the last book here was written during the lifetime of the apostles following Jesus' ministry on earth) contains 27 books (39+27=66).

Different writers used different styles of writing. Some single writers used more than one style within their portions. Every form of literature is represented someplace in the Bible; including allegories, stories, songs, poetry, prose and more)

None of the individual writers, at the time of their writing, knew that their message would eventually become part of such a Book, although each knew that God had called them and inspired them to write a message uniquely from Him and for His purposes. This unique purpose and life-changing message of the Bible has affected millions of people throughout history and around the world.

The one consistent theme of the Bible, a seamless picture developed in its entirety from Genesis to Revelation, is God's great work in the creation and redemption (salvation) of mankind through His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Read it for yourself.