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About God / Creation

View: How was God formed? Has He always been there?

View: What good books are available showing flaws in evolution and supporting creation?

View: Do Calvinists believe that Jesus didn't die for all, just the elect, and if so is there any scripture to back it up. Now EXPANDED with more details on Calvanism.
View: A follow-up question: Why aren't you a Wesleyan? What do they believe?

View: I thought God loved everyone and one of my friends seems to think that he hates some people because of Romans 9:13. I always thought he loved everyone since God is LOVE.

View: How did races (skin colors, etc.) come about?

View: Why did God create evil? Where did the Devil come from?

View: If God is loving, why doesn't God wipe out evil?

View: Is Jesus God? Is Jesus Creator? UPDATED and EXPANDED.

View: Where did all the water go after the flood?

View: The Bible says God is a jealous God. Isn't jealousy a sin?

View: Is there any sin that God won't forgive?

View: How old do you think the universe / earth is? Doesn't the Bible allow for it to be billions / millions of years old?

View: Is there life out there? What about aliens?

View: Does God already know right now who will go to heaven?

View: Wasn't man created on the seventh day?

View: Where does it say that we must go to God through Jesus ever since Adam and Eve sinned?

View (Questions) or View (Answer Key): How does God see me once I have become a believer in Jesus Christ? How should I now see myself? The Biblical cure for low self esteem! [Requires Adobe PDF reader]
View (more): If you want to dig even deeper on this subject.

View: Who is Jesus? Chart. What will you believe? [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: Can a believer earn blessing from God? What can I do to receive more blessing from God?

View: What about Pangaea or a Super Continent? Does the Bible support such an idea? Does this have anything to do with a global flood?

View: A Doctor's remarks concerning Intelligent Design and the Scientists that fear discussing it.

View: How do I know that I am chosen of God? Who is chosen by God? Who are the elect of God?

View: When God judges, what standard does He use? What is the Lamb's Book of Life? How do you get in this book? Can you be taken out of this book? What are the other books?

View: Did people see Christ before Jesus was born? What is a Theophany? What is a Christophany?

View: How did the Universe begin and where did mankind come from? Claims of speculation, faith, and fact.

View: Why would God create the world knowing that people would sin?

View: What is truth? Is there no absolute truth? Objective or Subjective Truth.

Christian Living

View: What if a person continues in sinful activities after professing to dedicate themselves to the Lord?

View: It says in the Bible that we shouldn't hang around people that are evil or aren't Christians doesn't it? Well how can we do that if we are supposed to try and get the non-Christians to God. Or if we met a non-Christian guy that we liked, we could help show him the way to God.

View: How far is too far in a relationship? What about living together?

View: What about the rapture? Is Jesus coming back soon? What about future events?

View: What is "taking the Lord's name in vain?"

View: Are girls allowed to be pastors or not?

View: Is it a sin to study religious documents, other than the Bible, such as the book of Mormon or of completely different religions?

View: What about Baptism? Who?, How?, Why?
View Part 2: Even more detail on Baptism!

View: In the Bible does it say there are degrees of sin? In God's eyes is lying and murder the very same thing?

View: All about Christians... What is a Christian? What is a counterfeit Christian? How are we saved? How do we stay a Christian? Can we lose our salvation? How do you know you are a Christian? What is the outcome of a counterfeit Christian? And more.

View: Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)... Is it right or wrong?

View: Should Christians get tattoos or body piercing?

View: What about alcohol? Did Jesus drink fermented drinks? Is drinking wrong? What about other drugs? For an expanded response to this subject, which addresses a host of objections raised following the first article, View more.

View: Is a Christian supposed to tithe? How should a Christian give? Feeling guilty about giving?

View: What are spiritual gifts? How do I know what mine are? SPIRITUAL GIFTS TEST

View: Church Government. What are elders, deacons, and pastors? [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: People shouldn't be judging others... right?

View: How can you tell if someone is a false teacher or leader?

View: Three enemies of all believers. Getting to the root of every problem.

View: Can you be bought? What would it take for you to sell out? [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: The world needs people who... [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: Worship! What is worship? How should we worship? Worship services?

View: Is a lie always a lie? Aren't some lies acceptable, justified, or necessary... maybe to save a life?

View: What about signs and wonders, miracle workers, modern prophets and prophecy? Should we seek after these things? Should we accept them? How can we tell if they are false?

View: Doesn't the Bible say that charging interest is wrong? Does this mean that Christians should never charge interest on a loan? Isn't usury the same as interest?

View: Are there any sexual activities between a husband and wife that are ungodly?

View: Should Christians celebrate birthdays?

View: When is it right, or wrong, to expel an unrepentant professed Christian brother or sister from the church? Church Discipline or Personal Vendetta?

View: Should churches have a Sunday evening service? Why did Sunday evening services start? Where did our traditional church meeting times come from?

View: Why do we say and pray "Amen"?

View: Biblically speaking, what is gossip?

View: Understanding God's authority structure. What is a woman's role in the church? Submit to whom? Be silent?

View: Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage. Should couples ever divorce? What about remarriage? Are Christians held to the same standard as non-believers regarding divorce? Are there valid reasons for divorce?

View: From the Passover to the Lord's Supper. Also called Communion or Eucharist. The who, how, when, and why of this church ordinance.

View: Is bartering Biblical? Is it right to haggle over prices?

View: Must believers keep a Sabbath? A Jewish Sabbath or a Christian Sabbath? Saturday or Sunday? Why do most churches meet for worship on Sunday?

View: Anointing with oil?  Does James 5:13-16 say it's necessary along with prayer for healing?

View: Assurance of Salvation.  Can I know for sure that I'm saved?

View: What is Sanctification? Are we supposed to holy or perfect? How do we get there? Christian perfection? Entire Sanctification?

View: Where is the church supposed to be?  Is withdrawing from the world God's plan for believers?

View: The Regulative Principle of Worship.  Why worship should include some things and exclude other things.  How should we worship God?

View: Gifts of the Spirit.  Speaking in Tongues.  Must every believer speak in tongues?  Are tongues a first evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit?


View: What can we tell other people who have their hearts and minds set on a different god that to them is like our God is to us?

View: A lot of Christians use the fish shaped symbol, what does it mean?

View: What does the Bible say happens to those who believe in other gods? What happens to them when they die?

View: Printable Gospel Tract. What happens when I die?

View: How to prepare and present your Christian testimony.

View: Five building blocks for ministry to the lost. [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: Sin, Salvation, Eternity -- a brief summary with verses.

View: Maybe we should be evangelizing the corporate offices instead of the inner cities and the third world. What do you think?

View: How do you convince someone that Jesus Christ is God aside from Scriptures... such as my Muslim friend who does not believe in the deity of Christ or that Scripture is true and inerrant.

View: Witnessing bracelets, gospel bracelets, salvation bracelets and wordless books. What do the colors represent?

View: Appeal to a God-shaped hole in your heart? Just follow your heart? Is belief only a gut feeling? The eternity question.

Cults / Movements / Etc.

View: Do you think Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses will go to heaven, why or why not?

View: Is the Madalyn Murray O'Hair (alt. Madelyn Murray O'Hare) petition real? (Answer from our newsletter archive).

View: Are Mormons Christians?

View: What is Islam Really About?

View: Is the Muslim Isa the Jesus of the Bible? What name should an Arabic Christian use?

View: (Expanded and Updated Article) LGBT. Gay marriage. Isn't homosexuality only banned in the Old Testament? Aren't homosexuals born that way? Isn't it true that Jesus never spoke against homosexuality, only Paul did?  Can a homosexual be a Christian?  View the original article.

View: Has the Roman Catholic Church changed? Aren't Catholics and Protestants closer together than ever before?


View: "God's chosen people". Where might I find a description or mention of this topic in the Scripture?

View: "Give me a reason to not kill myself" and other questions about suicide.

View: How many are in (or will be in) heaven?

View: Were did Cain get his wife? If she was Adam and Eve's daughter wasn't this incest. Isn't incest a sin? Read about wives for Adams sons and Noah's grandchildren. Was Abraham married to his sister?

View: Hell? (Also see next article)

View: The afterlife. Destinations following death for the believer or non-believer. Defining Hell, Heaven, Sheol, Abyss, Hades, Gehenna, Lake of Fire, New Heaven and Earth, Abraham's Bosom, Paradise, Tartarus and more.

View: What are the 95 Theses of Martin Luther that started the Protestant Reformation?

View: Wars. Are they always wrong?

View: Can angels marry humans? What about Genesis 6:1-4, where it speaks of sons of God marrying daughters of men?

View: Does the Devil know future events?

View: How were non-Jews saved before Jesus?

View: Spurgeon's Catechism. A great summary of Christian belief in a question and answer format.

View: Cookies to tell the story of Jesus. A great activity for children! [Requires Adobe PDF reader]

View: Do all infants (aborted babies) or young children automatically go to heaven if they die? Is there an "Age of Accountability?"

View: Is leprosy a type of sin?

View: What can Satan do to a believer? Can a Christian be possessed by the devil or a demon?

View: What are the Five Solas of the Reformation? The five primary principles of the Protestant Reformation.

View: What is the Nicene Creed?

View: Will I know and be able to recognize people after I die? Will I remember others in heaven?

View: End Times Views - Charts - The Return of Jesus, Tribulation, Millennium and more.

View: Love is...  How Christians are to love.  Meaning of Greek and Hebrew words for love in Scriptures.  God's love by the Bible.

View: Is the church an institution?

View: A Biblical view of borders, immigrants, and refugees.

View: Scriptural names or titles for the Devil.

The Bible and Bible Times

View: Who wrote the Bible?

View: How did marriage and betrothal work in Bible times?

View: Don't Matthew and Luke disagree about whether Mary and Joseph were engaged or married?

View: Don't Matthew and Luke disagree on Jesus' genealogy? Why would a genealogy of Jesus' ancestors end with Joseph and not Mary?

View: Why is it that in the Old Testament there is a prophesy that Elijah will return before the Messiah, and Jesus tells his disciples that John the Baptist is Elijah, but John denies that he is Elijah?

View: How many times does God speak in the Bible?

View: Is the Apostles' Creed found in the Bible. Is it biblical? Did the apostles really write it?

View: Isn't each book of the Bible to be interpreted in it's own way since they were written separately and at different times?

View: Understanding how to read and study and apply your Bible.

View: When did major events in the Bible take place? A timeline of Biblical history B.C. and A.D.

View: Who was the writer of the gospel of Mark? What was his association with the apostles.

View: Did Jesus die and rise again? If so, when? Was it three days and nights? Isn't Easter a pagan holiday? Was the crucifixion on Wednesday or Friday?

View: Did people celebrate birthdays in Bible times?

View: Repeated events, duplicate names, and confusing circumstances. Who annointed Jesus? Regarding Mary Magdalene, Mary of Bethany, Simon the Leper and Simon the Pharisee.

View: Is verbal church tradition equal to Scriptures? Doesn't the Bible teach that verbal tradition has the same authority as written Scriptures?

View: Comparison of English Bible translations showing readability (grade) level and style (ie. word for word, thought for thought or dynamic equivalence, or paraphrase)

View: How old was Jehoiachin when he began to reign? Doesn't the Bible have mistakes? Does this affect the inerrancy of Scriptures?

View: Who were the Old Testament Judges of Israel? Years of persecution, rest, judging? What enemies did they have?

View: Who wrote the New Testament books of James and Jude? Were they apostles? Weren't these books disputed?

View: Did Pharaoh drown with his army during the Exodus of Israel from Egypt?

View: How many temples did Israel have?

View: Why is the book of Daniel longer in Roman Catholic Bibles?

View: Why is the story of the woman caught in adultery, brought before Jesus, and forgiven, a disputed passage in the Gospel of John (7:53-8:11)? Is this passage Scriptures?

View: Bethany and Bethphage, meanings of their names.

View: Understanding the Book of Revelation.

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